Saturday, March 5, 2011

going out

i put my shoes on
if i put my shoes on
then i might convince myself to go out
it is raining
it is raining and i put my shoes on
these two things are incongrous
i ask you which word to use
"it's a synonym for incompatible", i say
you say, "incongrious?"
i point my finger vaguely in your direction
and exclaim "yes!"
i am too drunk to remember how to spell the word incongruous
huh what
if i go out
what do i get out of this
vague conversations with people over very loud music
and wet shoes
but the fact that i put my shoes on
means something
i say good night to you
you say "am i too drunk to do a crossword puzzle?"
i respond by laughing
and you take that as a yes
it is raining and
i don't have an umbrella
who am i kidding
i put my shoes on and
felt a false sense of something
i try to escape my inner monologue for a minute
what replaces it is a slight vibration in my limbs and a longing for toast
i am scared to take my shoes off
they are my little cocoons
eventually i take them off
undo both the buckles
who am i kidding
i am going to watch seinfeld
why does elaine's hair suddenly get less poofy
i like it poofy

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