Tuesday, March 8, 2011

book review: eat when you feel sad

On Friday last week I was trying to pump up my tyres in the front yard. This is an activity I cannot complete without lots of swearing, because I am stupid and I always forget how to use my bike pump. As I was uttering 'cunt' into the spokes of my back wheel, someone called to me over the fence. Lo, but it was the postie. "Having bike trouble?" he enquired.
"HAHAHAHAHA YES" I panted, standing up, feigning competence.
Taking out a package from his bike's swaddle, he said "I'll just pass this over then.."
I accepted the package from him. Immediately I brightened up. "Oh, this is for me! Thanks"
"Hope you get your bike working", the postie man said, with a wave.
"Thanks!" I hopped around with excitement. I hopped around with excitement and tore open the package. It was 'Eat When You Feel Sad' (henceforth will abbreviate this to EWYFS) by Zachary German. I pumped my bike tyres up and went to get my concession card made up at Clifton Hill train station.

After that I got the train to the city. I read the book on the train feeling pretty good about things. Last year sometime I read an excerpt of EWYFS on this site called Bear Parade. I remember liking it a lot, which is why I took the trouble to purchase it months later, despite overwhelming poverty.

The book is frankly a lot of 'Robert thinks', 'Robert eats', 'Broken Social Scene is playing', 'Lil Wayne is playing', 'they smoke cigarettes', 'Robert orders chinese food'. Robert seemed pretty bummed and like he didn't know what he really wanted to do with himself, or maybe I wasn't reading properly. One thing that I remembered from it as something to remember (yeah) is this quote after he 'breaks up with' Kelly: 'I don't like her clothes and I don't think she's--I don't want to introduce her to my friends, the ones who I don't have yet but who will be more like me, vain and judgemental and stuff' He thinks 'I need to stop being like this.' He thinks 'Run into traffic.' He thinks 'It's not going fast enough to kill me probably'

I really liked how Robert addressed his cat by saying 'hey baby' because it seemed really american and cute. I liked to imagine Robert as being a pretty cute indie boy vegan type. I think that Robert is a good character because it is a representation of how lonely life can be for young people in a big city or something. I don't know, I just vividly knew what he was like and had experienced the stuff he went through. I guess what I'm trying to say right now is that I'm listening to Broken Social Scene.


  1. I've been calling shit people "fookin' cunts" in my head after I watched Misfits. I've also been practising a chav accent. I think I can do it all right. I've noticed that I always eat when I am sad. I call my dogs baby.

    Goddamn this is a very self involved comment. I am so sorry.

  2. can I borrow this from you? seems pretty great

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  4. I love the last paragraph of your review.

    "I really liked how Robert addressed his cat by saying 'hey baby' because it seemed really american and cute."

    I never realized that phrase seems American. Maybe because I am American.

    I liked EWYFS quite a bit, but it does become draining reading the same sentence structure over and over again. I liked the Bear Parade excerpt better than the actual book.

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