Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dinosaur Art

Me and Ben Rosamund are making a dinosaur poetry chapbook, to be released in June/July. We are looking for people to contribute dinosaur-related art. Could be fun right? No real restrictions, just has to be dinosaur related. Deadline in May 1.

Email me


  1. I have a dinosaur eraser with moveable legs. I make it sit on the desk and walk around and eat the book leaves.

  2. cool. you should get an illustration for every poem. i will do as many as necessary. will draw hundreds. serious. is it possible to see some of the source material?

  3. sounds amazing
    ben is kewl
    u are kewl
    dinosaurs are fricken awesome

  4. i saw jurassic park five times
    in the theatre, one time my socks
    were soaked because i wore them straight outta
    the washing machine. it was not as
    refreshing as it sounds