Friday, March 4, 2011

comprehensive list of sites I visit

it seems like a nice idea to collate a bunch of links that I frequent a lot. not everybody reads blogs on actual blog sites any more, thus may not see our sweet as links list on the left of your screen. to this end, here is a list of internet things that are pretty cool/decent/awesome

thought catalog
I am not joking when I say I have made everybody in my life read this blog (not joking, perhaps lying slightly). there are a lot of very relevant thought catalog posts about a lot of different things. it is funny and sad and true. usually posts about 8 articles on average per day. often abbreviated to TC by teagueface and myself. read.

laughing squid
this site is a collection of interesting videos or pictures, usually just over 10 per day. I have noticed that TC sometimes uses their posts (a phrase which here delicately infers 'copies') as inspiration.

internet poetry
as Stacey mentioned in a post last week, Steve Roggenbuck is doing some really cool things with poetry. internet poetry is a new initiative that looks at how things on the innernette can be poetic. in a broad sense, this site challenges the classic idea of what poetry is. I find this pretty exciting.

ponch on twitter
this is a delight. earlier this week I wasn't online for an extended amount of time and I felt a bit lonely. I realised that this was probably because there were no tweets from ponch popping up in tweetdeck every 2 seconds. it's hard to actually read them all, but their consistency is, as I tweeted (1/3/2011) "12+ hours off the innernette, nothing happens. kinda missed @ponchopeligroso's incessant tweets though. like having a friend or something." sometimes they are rancid tweets, other times they are uplifting and inspirational.

I have been trying harder to read this blog because I feel like it will make me seem 'well informed' about interesting literature-related things. also I'm trying to force myself to absorb information. this blog is erudite. sometimes long posts about literary folk I've never heard of, other times pertinent things about e-books or simple questions like 'how much of your personal library have you read more than once' which is a question that has concerned me for a while. does it make me less legitimate if I keep buying books and not reading them? what's wrong with me???

I also read a few blogs written by kiwi (NZ) folk. I will simply make a list of these below
Eamonn's Fashion/Craft blog
The colour of my love for you
e for ernest 
How to understand everything and not hate yourself  
willow ships 
a graveyard smash

australian blogs that are pretty awesome 
being blanche (for dating, love & relationship advice/general hilarity)
with love & swallow (if you want to know what living in Melbourne is like, this is a pretty good resource) 
choux de bruxelles (interesting opinion pieces/insightful rants)
virgule (voiceworks blog. if UR A WRITER & WNT 2 B ON DIS BLAWG PLZ COMMENT, we need you)

other sites I go to frequently
artshub australia 
google analytics

on that note, I wondering, if you read this blog and you live in Perth, maybe you could say hello. I don't know/haven't bribed anybody from there and we get loads of blog hits (more than from Melbourne) from there. so holla.

finally, here are 3 'funny' videos
jake and amir - triathlon 'I legit want/need dis watch'
david mcgahan's world - cats  'cat cat cat cat cat cat cat'
tim & eric - cat film festival 'this is a film festival about cats, our passion'


  1. laughing squid is pretty awesome.
    also, use tpb for all your torrenting needs.

  2. I live in Perth and I like your blog!

  3. B - email me yo address for zine swap
    Z - I use tpb for movies & music, for some reason btjunkie is better for tv. also if you want you can read 'eat when you feel sad' after me cause you may like it
    S - wtfru
    Miss V - yay! hellooo!

  4. you should read a graveyard smash instead of willow ships

    gurl u no it

    i am constantly confused by your abbreviations

  5. oh yah I totally read that one, will add it in right now. abbreviatin' on the reg

  6. Toby murders that Teacup girl in this comment thread. BROZ B4 HOOS

  7. bros b4 hoes on the reg

    hey susie

    we should do a blog post about our silly little secret language THOUGHT CATALOG STYLEZ

  8. I think a lot of the Perth hits may be from a girl, Maria, who views mine and T'nealle's blog a lot too. Hey Maria!
    Also, quite torn about AGS v WS. It feels like they both 'get it', but from different approaches

  9. well thankyou, miss! I've been devouring these sites, especially the kiwis