Saturday, March 5, 2011

poem written for 'friday writing exercise'

on Virgule each Friday they post writing exercises
this poem I wrote following the prompt
"two and a half men is one of the most popular sitcoms in australia"

Two people are in this train carriage
and I am too.
A girl and a boy, the girl is
half asleep on the boy or is he a man, when do boys become
Is it weird for women to be older than men in relationships?
One time I kissed somebody 8 years older than me. I am proud
of this as an achievement.

The boy is dressed like
most people dress these days, I don’t know, a t-shirt with some
popular culture reference, a
sitcom or something funny from the internet,
on it.

Television seems pointless these days.
In the train carriage now there are more than two people. I think that
Australia is full of more than just us, it is a very big country, but not even the biggest

you are meant to start writing a short story using each word in that sentence to start your sentences, but I altered it slightly. You should do it either way & post your stories as a comment on their blog.

if you live in Australia/Melbourne you should apply to be on the Voiceworks editorial committee. We need new blood. We also need new people.


  1. I hope that prompt was a joke.

  2. Susie do you have a mail to contact you?, I'd love to invite you to a zine. I found you through new wave vomit of Ana C. she was collaborator in or first issue, and we want to include at least one text in english for every issue (the mayor part are in spanish). We invite new people each time.

  3. hey Elylu! sounds awesome. my email address is =)