Thursday, March 24, 2011


i am so tired all the time
so tired that
i think this is how life has always been

always reaching for black coffee

always saying 'man i'm tired'

people saying 'you look tired'

yawning a lot

this is how life is now

waking up in the morning
with a small scream

with a small scream
i put soy milk in my cereal

i think 'fuuuuck' in my mind

i drink a lot of coffee
and start to feel strange

today on the bus i thought i was holding my ipod
in my hand
i actually felt that sensation of it on my fingers
but there was nothing there
i thought holy shit

i thought oh my god
shit is getting real

i want to go on the internet
i want to go to sleep


1 comment:

  1. I fell asleep in a lecture yesterday. Not even four long blacks could keep me going.

    Edit: my word verification thing was 'dimal'.