Wednesday, March 30, 2011

day in review: march 29: my birthday

I wake at 6.45am. I think something like "fwwhafkjarrrrrrrrrrghhhgrkjnthfuuuckrgnkjngr, oh yeah it's my birthday". I have a shower and make my breakfast (cup of tea and toast (one peanut butter, one jam on vogels) - is bracket in bracket even allowed??). I check my internet for about 15 minutes before I have to walk to work. The walk to work is nice and I see lots of cats and stuff. It takes me 20 minutes to walk to work. I arrive at work and my colleague Mel is there. Hi Mel (I probably said). I work at a bird rescue so I do lots of bird stuff. Cleaning, yeah, a lot of that. Get bitten by some birds. It's not a big deal. At 10.30 we stop for morning tea. I mention it is my birthday and everybody tells me they wish they were 22 again. Cue nostalgia. I have an apple muffin and a really strong coffee. My boss has 4 dogs and I like playing with them on my break. I do more bird stuff. Work is really busy today. I leave at about 1.45, even though I am supposed to finish at 1. This pretty much always happens. Just too nice. Man. I walk back to my house and heat up leftover curry for lunch. I have another shower. My sister comes over, and she gives me her old ps1, sweet, I thought, I can play Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Then she drops me at my bus stop and I catch the bus into the city. On the bus I txt Susie: "Listening to Moon Pix version of Metal Heart. Nearly crying of happiness." I honestly nearly was. So emoshunal. I go into town and treated myself to one of my favourite pass times, book shopping. I didn't buy anything though, because I had to go meet my flat mate, Hannah. We walked around a bit and went into some op shops. Then we went to Grey Lynn Foodtown: the epicenter of babes, or, where Auckland hipsters go to get various food items. We bought red red wine and stuff to make quasadillas. We made ours with beans, tofu and courgettes. Probably the best thing ever cooked ever. We listened to music and talked and drank wine. It was nice (photo evidence below). Then I skyped with Susie. I serenaded her with a Dido song. Then I did various things on the internet. You know how it is. Now I am writing this. I will probably go to sleep in about 15 minutes. Yeah. I am 22 today. Good night.



  1. lol @ 'related media'
    whenever i see quesadilla i think case of deer
    i taught myself the chords of metal heart after you went to bed and was singing it, feels good

  2. bracket in bracket is one of my trademark moves.

  3. Happy birthday, gurl!
    It sounds like you had a lovely time (you def deserve it. :)

  4. Sorry, I must have missed this.
    That's what happens when spend more that 24 hours away from a computer.
    Happy (belated) birthday.

  5. this is certainly belated, but happy birthday nonetheless. Your day sounds perfect :)