Saturday, March 26, 2011

the last 5 jobs i applied for

typist/audio monitor at parliament of Victoria
This job seemed to entail basically transcribing audio as recorded at parliament sessions. Seemed legit, mostly due to the fact that it was $28 an hour. Potential drawbacks would be sitting around for a whole day of boring political talk and not being able to go anywhere for hours on end due to longevity of parliamentary sittings. Felt like my experience in radio and crazy awesome typing skills would make me 'an ideal candidate' for this job. Have kinda envisioned my life if I get this job, imagine myself riding my bike through empty streets late on a Wednesday night or something.

junior (trainee) publicist at music PR firm
I have never worked in PR and generally feel that PR students are annoying/intimidating, but I figured this would be a pretty sweet gig and applied for this job. Maybe because I have always wanted to work with music. Maybe this is my ideal field? I don't know. For whatever reason, there was no closing date on the application, which is a cause of anxiety for even the coolest of cucumbers. Spent a lot of time working on a cover letter for this one. I feel like I am super qualified for this position, because all the selection criteria was basically media related. But due to the ambiguity on the application form, my success doesn't seem likely.

customer service role at Melbourne Museum Tutankhamen exhibition
I am impressed that apparently I spelt Tutankhamen right. Sweet. This job seemed like it could be legit, but it was one of those 'form' applications where you don't get the chance to use words to speak highly of yourself, just actually say what work you've done. I find these types of jobs hard to apply for. In fact, writing any job application is strenuous. I figured it could be cool working at the museum. Not too far from my place; I started to imagine what my coworkers would be like and hoped they would be cute science nerds or something.

gallery assistant at Centre of Contemporary Photography
this job I was really excited about. The CCP is in my locale, seems like a legit type of organisation, and the position only required work on weekends from like 11-5 which would be totally enough to pay rent and still give me time to do uni stuff. I have a feeling I probably undersold myself in the application, I lack self confidence or something. As mentioned before, job application writing can be strenuous, but only because it is hard to talk yourself up. It's counter intuitive. Guess I had to pretend that I had an interest in photography. This application had to be sent in by post and I was going to take it in in person; ended up putting it through the mail slot on the door because the centre was closed for the holidays.

administration assistant at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
again, an exciting prospect. I always flaunt my administration & arts volunteering experience when I apply for jobs because apparently a combination of these two things is somewhat unique. I dunno, it hasn't helped me get anywhere yet. When I write job applications I think my indecisiveness about what I actually want to do with my life sometimes comes through. What I mean is that for this application I attempted to write something about my passion for food, focusing on this radio show I had last year which was about food, but despite this being the theme of the show I couldn't actually write about it as if food was my passion. Sometimes I don't know about anything at all, which is an inconvenient/undesirable thing to communicate via a job application.

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