Monday, March 14, 2011

having dinner @ the metro

"THERE WAS A BOOK SALE AT THE LIBRARY. SO MANY BOOKS!!" - guy holding a large balloon animal

thought "i like that old man's tote bag, seems legit"

thought "that guy looks like he is heavily into Bukowski"

thought that the old lady sitting opposite me vaguely looked like an older version of me

ate a falefal pita

ate a whole kit-kat

saw a poster advertising watermelon juice, thought it was weird but i guess it's not really that weird

someone cleared their throat and i thought they were going to sit next to me and i got a fright but they were just going to get icecream

thought about freud's psychosexual stages of development

had an awkward encounter with the guy clearing my plate

txt my flat mate to ask her to bring my navy blue beret when she comes into town

thought about going to borders to buy a copy of moby dick

resisted a craving for a chocolate fudge sundae

noticed that the security guy had a shiny bald head, wondered if all bald heads are shiny to some extent

read a zine called 'the remainders'

thought about how cool the rocket lift is

saw a guy with a pony tail and thought "bro.."

saw a girl on her laptop talking on MSN messenger, i thought it was funny that that was still a thing

thought it was weird that the words "that" and "that" can go directly after one another and still make sense

felt vaguely nervous like i had just had coffee only i hadn't had any coffee

saw another shiny bald head, confirmed my shiny bald head theory further

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