Tuesday, March 22, 2011


in my new shoes i feel powerful
i get off the bus and walk to whitcoulls so i can buy a pen
so that i can write in my notebook
about how my new shoes make me feel powerful

i want a black uniball ink pen
but i couldn't justify spending $5 on a pen
so i bought a $1 pen instead
the same thing happened to me last week
and now i have two of these $1 pens
where all my pens at yo

walking down city streets
i feel determined to make eye contact
with cute boys
sometimes they smile at me
and it makes me feel extremely nervous

crossing queen st diagonally
can be dangerous but
i am wearing my new black hi-tops
and in them i exude something which must be like
"stay the fuck out of my way, various peoples of auckland city"

in the food court i eat vege samosas
and write in my notebook
with my new $1 pen

i write things like:

"my arms are covered in cat scratches"
"my bag contains tampons and bus tickets"
"in my hands are a million little poems"

i fill up the pages of my notebook with words
and i think about how everything is so full of something

yeah, think about it

writing gives me this feeling
that is something like a river flowing

i go swooooosh
i am a river flowing

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