Wednesday, March 2, 2011

modern lyfe

i made a movement to indicate that i was going to stand up
but then i thought about writing a poem
and i sat back down on my bed
and crossed my legs
and started typing
i started typing about
how my flat mate
waters our vegetable garden
with the water that is collected from our leaking shower tap
we are not wasteful
we are environmentally conscious
she buys 'eco store' products
we have a compost bin
often she comes home and stands in my door frame
and we talk about how our days were
i think that is nice
i hear her rustling around in the kitchen
i wonder if she is making bread
it is quiet
and i like the way the rain sounds
and i like the sound of me typing
on my mac book keys
and i like the sound of my flat mate rustling in the kitchen
my clothes are draped over my bike to dry
i need to get a clothes horse from the warehouse
is it called a clothes horse?
i walk into the living room to see if my flat mate is making bread
but she is replacing the vacuum bags in the vacuum cleaner
i make some semi-interested grunt and stand there for support
then i go back into my room
i watch as my gmail notifier checks for new messages
i have no new messages

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