Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 in tweets and retweets (part 1)


curly hair liberation

my life mainly consists of driving other people's cars, eating chips/dip and cats in general

RT @and_susan: "I'd like to show him my lower Manhattan" #satc

RT @tobiasbrockie: when people shorten january to "jan" it just makes me think of middle-aged women with short hair


pasta for two for one

calling winz and singing the hold music when the guy answers #shamebro

RT @anikainpink: e-you and e-me.

oh man, crying so bad RT @CheeseontoastNZ: 6.18pm: PM Key confirms 65 dead

i just thought 'stir fry and laurie' #gchatconversations


RT @linguish: wanna wrap myself in the internet like an oversized hoodie

Uh! I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams #dropitlikeitshot

actually had a dream where i was scrolling through my twitter feed

my job title is "Avian Rehabilitation Assistant" #legit

today my grandma said i should "play the field"

i just thought "what is this strange sensation on my legs" and then i was like "oh, i'm wearing pants"


not good at "irl"

@and_susan re: my new baby niece: "FRESH LIFE"

RT @holiecrap: hey guys get with the program this isn't ice hockey this is life

alarm went off at 6.45am and i immediately thought I H8 LIFE whilst trying to avoid pillow drool

a danger to society whenever i ride my bike


let's just pretend i haven't spent the afternoon listening to phil collins songs on youtube

RT @crispinbest: drinkin some coffee-ass coffee

RT @and_susan let me come to a foreign country so i can go on the internet with you

"i wish we could do a friendship montage of us" - @and_susan

listen to nothing but 90s r&b

thought "wow, this person has exactly the same taste in music as me!" whilst looking at my own last fm profile


RT @and_susan ok i just spent the entire day on effing tinychat

open @sweningsings in browser

i cuddled a swan today #hehe

seems like everything is going to be okay when i have my hot water bottle

when i say i'm "writing poetry" i mean i'm sitting in silence, staring into space & barely typing for 45 mins


been listening to nothing but this mount eerie album for about a week

how am i a thing

live tweeting Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls with @sweningsings @and_susan

RT @spencermadsen: livetweeting being alone in my room

considering the merits of waking susie up by playing "i wanna fuck you" by akon

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  1. aw man. good year. you realise this was the first year we have seen each other more than twice in a year. have we done twice before? i can't remember...