Friday, December 23, 2011

my 2011 life via tweets/retweets (part 2)


chewing air waves chewing gum as a distraction from crippling loneliness

My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Pavement (84), Sparklehorse (19) & A Tribe Called Quest (12)

sitting on my floor by the heater listening to Julie Doiron is how I always want to be

can the doctor who theme song be played at my funeral


just opened the TC article "How To Be Happy" and closed it 3 seconds later

"how you get all dat ass in dem jeans" is a thought I think almost every day re: nothing in particular

imagine if ricky martin was in coldplay

feel like my new sweater validates my existence

any social situation where it is okay to wear slippers

the world is scary, gonna eat a brownie


typed "reasons why i don't want to die" and below it typed "hummus"

RT @zacharywhalen: i'm worried about people who i don't like liking me

already had 4 cups of tea today, life is bloody nuts

ctrl f the words 'bloody' and 'mate' in my inner monologue

today i showed my work colleagues how to do a 'tim-tam slam'


dank ass emoshuns

i want to record the sound of rain and always be listening to that in my headphones

friday night action

RT @madisonlangston: sex and the city and beer forever


i don't understand why everyone doesn't wear backwards caps all the time

told a friend me and other friends were going to see 'how to dress well' and he earnestly asked if it was some kind of conference

too much socialising, need to spend all weekend alone in my room reading and watching gilmore girls

RT @spencermadsen: so much of being human is doing nothing

@feeeeeeel baby move your butt butt butt

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