Tuesday, December 27, 2011

day in review xmas 2K11

woke up at 7.30am with a tummyache and realised i had a txt from steaky asking to skype early so i hid under the covers and did a sneaky convo with her. had a nice chat, felt a bit weird about it being the end of her xmas day though. went back to sleep and got up properly at 10.30/11. skyped my family. missed my lil sis a bit. my cousin made us a small portion of scrambled egg which we decided was a 'scrambled egg canape'. drank some prosecco. did presents about 12pm. i was happy cos i crocheted hats for miriam and steph (girlfriends of my cousins) and they both liked them. got a few bits and pieces. began helping make the christmas dinner, peeled carrots, parsnips and got the brussel sprouts ready. hung around watching telly and pencilling things into my 2012 diary. aladdin was on. singin in the rain was on. dinner was ready about 3.30pm. was tasty. ate a fair bit. had a break in between dinner and pudding where we just watched more christmas tv, i think. oh we all got really sleepy and i went upstairs to listen to 'blue christmas' by first aid kit and write sentimental things in my notebook. then it was puddin time. it was lit on fire cos it had brandy on it. kewl. basically dinner took about 6 hours. we had the pudding at 6pm then we watched more tv, more 'top gear' than i feel comfortable admitting. then we played a cool game that miriam knew which lasted for probably 2 hrs. then we had champagne jellies and cheese at probably about 9pm. theeeeen we watched the new ab fab episode which was really funny. watched a 'man lab' christmas episode where they were trying to make it snow. went to bed. couldn't sleep so went on facebook and had a chat to fraser. was nice to chat with dat guy. pretty good day, except for it felt like it lasted about a million days in one, i'd give it a 7/10

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