Wednesday, December 7, 2011

moma notes

the dream & sleeping gypsy - rousseau (studied the dream)
starry night - van gogh (all van gogh quite beautiful)
georges braque
cezanne (so dreamy, so nice)
demimoiselles & three musicians (& analytic cubism.. omg)
states of mind - boccioni
duchamp lol

kurt schwitter

4 panels - kandinsky

feel i may weep in front of a monet

russian supermatism
the bauhaus?

really did not anticipate getting this much joy from moma
persistence of memory - dali (aka melting clock painting, totes really tiny)

want to go eat my banana in the bathroom
lawrence weiner, removal exposing wall, reminiscent of art at dear patti smith

i still use brushes - aman

no 10 - rothko
one: 31 - pollock

beaming when i recognise a painting, full on grinning at art

hanna wilke
literary paintings - marcel broodthaers (conceptual belgians)

i got up at... - on kawara (postcard series)


what happened to design in this country? feels like it just stopped =\
love seeing early german/austrian design esp utensils/glasses - can see where today's design comes from


andré breton
sol lewitt drawings
eva hesse =)

lol.. wtf is fluxus

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