Thursday, December 8, 2011

brooklyn diary 4

woke up and dithered for a while. ate raisin bread pudding for breakfast. i like that pudding is a legit breakfast food at 3b. seriously their breakfasts are so great everybody has to stay here if they go to ny. i feel like it is affordable and pretty close to the cit too. wanted to purchase headphones before going on the train to astoria so went to bestbuy in the city and got sennheisers for $32.50!!  (this is more than half the price they are in did some other moseying around shops before getting train to astoria. feel like i'm nailin the subway by now thank god. got a slice of pizza for lunch on the way to museum of moving image. astoria seems nice, sorta quiet.

museum of moving image.. i lingered for so long reading everything about how tv technology works (just thinking of that scene from willy wonka the whole time tbh) and looking at old ass cameras and tv sets. all the cameras & tvs looked so beautiful made in wood. i enjoyed that. the museum had heaps of fun activities for kids, you could dub your own voice over scenes in movies and yea heaps of fun stuff. the chief reason i went was because they currently have an exhibition on about jim henson and the muppets. i would have liked to see more actual muppets but i learnt a bit more about jim henson as a guy, turns out he made a few experimental/progressive films in the late 60s (well who didn't) but they showed some clips from a few of them and they were pretty funny. the muppet sense of humour and all that. he also made silkscreen posters and did other printmaking when he was in college. really dug it. then downstairs they had stuff about 'behind the scenes' and there was makeup used in the film 'sex and the city 2' which made me laff. there was also mrs doubtfire's masks, bodysuit and a costume she wore. also costumes from chicago. then there was lots of merch. historic merch from like 1914. crazy. then there were videogames. i played a few levels of sonic. the entrance to the museum, btw, is this really amazing white. the stairs were so white. stunning white. so great. this museum is highly recommended. only $9 if you're a student, but a must for media/comms students i feel. just walked around it thinking 'god i love tv/movies'. left and popped into salvos near the subway before heading back into town.

got a burrito for dinner and chilled for a bit. chatting to new arrivals in my dorm. considered going to a poetry thing in the evening but decided to go to an entertaining lecture thingy about the russian revolution in williamsburg. this was a good idea. it was v funny and reminded me of things i had studied a while back. the final person who spoke talked about the development of the cyrillic alphabet. he knew a lot about language and was pretty funny, but didn't try too hard to be funny. i felt good that i was learning and having a good time. left feeling real stimulated, still pretty on point.

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  1. elizabeth grosz is gonna be at RMIT on monday talking about irigaray. I'm so bummed I'm gonna miss it. pudding sounds amazing.