Wednesday, December 7, 2011

brooklyn diary 3

woke up and GUESS WHAT I'M TIRED!!! ate more tasty breakfast (frittata and apple crumble) and thought maybe i would go back to sleep but decided to battle on and get up and start my day. figured i would go to moma because it's one of the only things open on a monday (most other galleries/museum in ny close on monday just fyi errybody). got the subway to manhattan and felt good about being back in the city. omg australians/melbournians: they are building a pieface on 7th ave just up from times square.. walked past where they film letterman. arrived at moma. free coat check. coat check was intense, rows and rows of coathangers with numbers. key in a number on the machine and then your stuff comes back to you. never seen that before yo. and the art was even more mindblowing.. (see unedited moma notes post) just had such a great time. so many people there on a regular day, couldn't imagine what their free fridays are like. started to get hungry and lethargic and didn't want to spend big $$ on food at moma cafes. left feeling supremely good about life.

decided to walk down 5th. went into st patrick's cathedral to have a sit down as i was v tired from walking around moma for 4 hrs. had a sit and wrote a lil thing in my notebook. felt pensive in the church. it was warm and hushed. people should go in churches more b/c nobody questions what you are doing plus it's pretty kewl architecture and nice lighting. left just as a service was starting lol. stopped at rockefeller centre because there was some big ole projection on a building opposite, i don't remember what it was, probably some department store. it was cool anyway. there was this one bit where the projection matched the windows but then the windows fell away and the crowed went oohhhhh!! the christmas tree in rockefeller plaza was lit up and people were skating below it, and the top of the ge building was covered in clouds. felt christmassy for the first time and generally happy. kept grinning at everything.

went in some stores. saw a really nice jacket in esprit. really wanted to purchase it, but this could be because i experienced the first genuinely good customer service in nyc. taken us 4 weeks to get there!! but also it was an awesome jacket. got the L train to williamsburg with the intent of having awesome meatballs on bedford ave for dinner but figured i should try different food so i went to dumont burger and had a chickpea burger and an irish hot toddy. came back to 3b and did some reading, went to bed. wooooooooo

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  1. whats an irish hot toddy? Like a coffee with irish whiskey in it?