Saturday, December 17, 2011

explosions in the sky: best gigs of 2011

going to go a series of 'best gigs of 2011', starting with a gig i went to last night

- more good/sweaty memories from the kings arms, they never check ID so i spent a lot of my underage ass time here
- at the bar asked for 'the cheapest red wine', cute bar guy seemed to 'get' it and not judge me, felt cheeky
- me and xinia discussed the lack of bar peanuts etc in new zealand, this is always in movies, how do we not have this
- the sweat factor was palpable, the heat, combined with the wafts of marijuana made the room unbelievably dank, it was just so dank..
- walls and walls of sounds comin' atcha
- i thought it was cool how they just went from one song into the other without really stopping/pausing for applause but it made people really confused about when to clap
- they have 3 guitarists, p. unbeatable
- spent time focusing on each member of the band individually to see what they were up2
- reached euphoric heights during 'birth and death of the day'
- sometimes just closed my eyes and let my body move how it wanted to
- they played for an hour and half but i felt unaware of time as a thing
- i wasn't aware of much else apart from when this guy stood next to me and kept looking at me, step off, trying to enjoy music here bro/also kept nearly tripping over this guy's bag which was down on the floor
- just really good musicians who know their shit, which is real good to watch
- really want to hear them play sitting down in a field somewhere
- managed to skillfully avoid all people i knew at the gig, seemed like a plus, sorry it just seems like an awkward place to run into people, when the music is really loud and you are trying to be like SO HOW HAVE YOU BEEN LATELY
- stopped in at the petrol station where some jock bro asked us if we had been to eits and said it was 'fucking sick aye'

btw, around the 5:25 mark is when euphoria happened

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