Sunday, December 11, 2011

a room of one's own

my room is an important place to me. it is where i feel the most comfortable, a place where i don't have to be anything other than what i am.

in this picture:
- tao lin art
- zine collection
- a picture from national geographic of a huge ass zen garden (one of my favourite things in my room)
- pic of a t-rex from a zine i bought in chch zine fest of found images
- a pikachu hat
- a polywhirl my friend recently gave me
- all of the makeup/beauty/hair products etc i own = 1x deoderant, 1x make up remover wipes, 1x mascara, 1x 'curl definition' anti frizz serum, 1x sunblock, 1x hair dye 'red passion', 1x hair brush
- various knick knacks inclu. swan that holds loose change/hair ties/bobby pins, knitted tram, bow tie
- daisy chain i made in chch and pressed in a book hung up on the wall

old photo of hat wall, there are new hats now

my mail wall, makes me real happy to look at

'shelf' displaying various zines/chapbooks, made from a broken picture frame i found on the street and clear fishing wire to hold them against the wall. made this because i have a lot of books but i never get to see them in my bookshelf etc

the window next to my bed, i like to feel the morning sun

what i do on sunday nights: listen to comforting 90s music, write blogs, write bad poetry and eat horrible pasta