Tuesday, December 6, 2011

brooklyn diary 2

allowed myself a sleep in, ate delicious breakfast of baked eggs and bread pudding (3b... dmw) then got a bus to williamsburg to check out the waterfront flea market. it turned out they move the market under cover during the cold months, to somewhere in fort greene. which is funny cos it's closer to me. anyway it was fine cos i wanted to go to some galleries and hang around w'burg anyway. sat by the waterfront for a while and enjoyed city views across the east river. found myself writing things in my notebook next to some girl who was drawing/writing in a notebook. hope she wasn't weirded out by this. was a super nice day to just walk around the pier etc. wandered back to the streets with a vague intention of hitting up the other beacon's closet location. needed to pee and felt alarmed because usually when we were together, and caz, emma or i needed to pee, we would just hit up a starbucks. i felt like my chances of finding starbucks in williamsburg were rather slim, though i did come across an american apparel. took a chance and went into some gallery and accidentally missed the turn to the exhibition space, ended up going upstairs where there were obviously studios and found a toilet. had to pee in the dark b/c the light wasn't working but overall a successful mission. had late lunch at cubana social. ate at the bar and read my book which is the newest obernewtyn book (will only have relevance for australians) and the cover looks like some dumbass fantasy novel. not that it's not fantasy, but i probably should have stopped reading the series by now. but i need to know what happens in the end! felt amused by eating alone at a place called 'cubana social'. beacon's closet in williamsburg is better.. bought a leather handbag of some brand. went into some 'vintage' stores, general nice stores. really got the williamsburg vibe this time as opposed to last time when i thought it was just a bit bleargh. got the bus back downtown.

had a lie down. felt pretty strange when i awoke. i was hungry and i got a cupcake from robicelli's at dekalb market and i didn't like it as much as i hoped i would because the 'frosting' was too synthetic. walked to BAM to see 'the descendants' which is a film that made my friend caz cry. it was a really good movie and george clooney is still looking mighty fine. if you need to go to the cinemaaahh then this is what you should see because it is both funny and moving. afterwards i got a piece of pizza from a place called 'not ray's pizza'. i walked back into downtown and got a burrito for real dinner and ate it back at 3B. then i read. obernewtyn is getting good. i tried to sleep but there were people in the common room thing watching snl and playing music very late into the night, i don't know what time, and i was too hot in bed so i couldn't sleep and i became anxious that i was going to be tired.

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