Monday, December 26, 2011

day in review 25/12/11

woke up at 7:15am and had a piece of pb toast and checked internet stuff. drove 20 minutes to get to work at the cattery where i met my cattery cohort. we both rubbed our eyes and made loud grunting sounds to indicate that talking was not a thing via tiredness. there were lots of cats in the cattery, maybe 25 or something and i mean it's a pretty good way to start my xmas morning because i really like cats. a cat called tilly scratched my hand, a cat called titus attacked my leg and left scratches on it and a cat [whose name i can't remember] bit me p. bad when i went to give her medication. lil shits. was in the cattery for about 3 hours, cranking solid gold fm all the while. drove to my parent's house to have a shower and get ready. mum was really stressed out about everything and me and dad were a bit scared to go near her. got to my sister's and she was real sick in bed, real bad b/c it is my niece's 1st xmas and she was really excited about it. i drank beer and played with the baby mostly and then we ate food which was a++. more family came and we ate more. got real real into dat pav. opened presents, got some money + underwear + socks + a field guide to nz birds which i geeked out on for the rest of the day. helped my bb niece, nova open all of her presents. my sister bought her a book called 'whose poos'. skyped my aunty and little cousin in sydney for a bit, drank more, called some friends, talked to family, played with baby, ate more food. then most of the family left and it was just me, my parents, my sister, her boyfriend and his dad. drank 'champas' and listened to some sweet beats until my mum was like 'what is this...' and put on steely dan. was going to see my friend off at the airport but she got the time wrong so i couldn't and then i felt sad but maybe okay because goodbyes are dumb anyway. got into a fight with my dad because he was drunk and being a dick. standard family gathering stuff really. ate more food and then went back to my parents. all up i drank 3 beers, 2 red wine and 2 champagne. welcome to xmas day family-related boredom drinking. skyped susie for a wee while and did internet things. didn't want to go out b/c i was tired and had work early the next morning so i just read my book (today and tomorrow by ofelia hunt) for about an hour and then went to sleep.

maybe 7/10 overall

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