Wednesday, December 14, 2011

brooklyn diary 7 & 8

day 7

this day i woke up, wrote postcards and readied myself to go to the Met. this was an intense decision. the Met is HUUUUUUGE. i knew i wouldn't be able to see it all and remain sane so i decided that there were things i wanted to go see specifically and i ended up walking through assorted exhibits because i couldn't find the things i was after. the trajectory was like this: egyptian art/artefacts, , european stuff (like knick knacks and interiors), contemporary art.. then i got to what i wanted to see: asian art , musical instruments, a detour through european paintings (frankly i got a bit lost in this part) and finally armour and weaponry. saaahhh cool.

then i went back to 3b maybe, i can't remember. yes. i did. i had a lie down and watched parks & rec. then i got cheap ass dumplings for dins. and then i went to meet up with brodie at the union pool. anton and his lil bro oliver came along with oliver's friend ainsley who was actually staying at 3b too!!!! we drank coopers and chatted about various things, then went to kellogg's diner to have late dinner. it was nice to hang out with aussies (and anton's boyfriend). farewells at the train station..

day 8

this was a boring ass day because i walked around looking for presents and a post office failing at both of these things. biggest success of the day was buying a cupcake from a place called 'butter lane' where they were playing jens lekman. and getting on my plane with little fuss.

now i am in england. yaaaaaayyyyyy.

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