Monday, December 5, 2011

christchurch things

- \mn/ (hang loose)
- singalongs to solid gold fm in alice's car
- led zep
- surf rock
- pulled a hammy dancing to piha rescue
- zine fest rad cool times
- first swim in the ocean
- more bogans than i have ever seen in my life
- log cab livin'
- book fridge (fridge on side of road filled with books you can take, i took 'the ultimate sandwich book: over 700 delicious sandwich creations')
- corduroy
- backwards caps
- corduroy backward caps (!!)
- nice people
- did a poetry reading
- mostly ate bananas
- gin and ginger beer
- salty hair
- synchronized naps
- feeling real real emotional seeing 'the red zone' (seemed weird that it felt like a tourist attraction)
- picnic in the botanical gardens
- pretzels and peanut butter
- getting excited about seeing different types of ducks
- goat puns
- went on a 'zed' binge after seeing the drummer at a cafe
- did a ustream, rocked out to some club bangers
- hot chips on the lawn
- sweet friendship

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