Friday, December 9, 2011


got a window seat, never get a window seat because i always have to pee so i choose an aisle seat to be less annoying to other people

as we took off i watched the water droplets moving on the window and as we moved through the clouds i felt nice

below me the clouds are like mountains and i want to spread my arms as wide as they can go and jump out onto them yelling 'woo hooo' really obnoxiously

feel kind of ill as we are ascending and why aren't there any barf bags wth

imagining the plane falling out of the sky and me still calming reading 'selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee' by megan boyle

i like megan boyle, she seems funny and cheeky

they are serving shepherds pie it smells horrible

i can feel the sun

always regret drinking coffee before i get on a plane but i never ever learn

bloody hell i am actually in the sky, seems fucking crazy

sitting in the window seat makes me more aware that i am actually in a metal box in a sky but it makes me feel kind of good, like feeling really positive about nihilism or something

lil cloud city, where are the care bears

there are actual mountains below me omg why is the world so beautiful hot damn

i put my headphones on to listen to two sparklehorse songs, 'sea of teeth' and 'apple bed', the lyric at the end of apple bed is

'i will feel the sun
i will feel the sun
i will feel the sun coming down'

a guy sat in the empty seat next to me and ordered a can of pepsi, step off bro

bomb ass window seat

kind of just staring out the window thinking about death a lot, somehow not morbid

air hostesses must struggle to maintain their online presence

just went to the toilet and it smelled like noodles, in a good way idk

i always plug my ears after i press the flush button because it is loud and alarming

remember telling alice and jackson this and alice saying 'what if you flushed the toilet while you sat on it' and i said something like 'butt suction'

shame aisle seat suckas

pj harvey says 'i can be your fog'

looks like i am approaching mordor re: red/black ominous clouds

think the way they say 'mordor' in the lotr films is really funny

could not control my laughter while reading this line in megan boyle's book: 'when i think 'dave eggers' in my head it's in the same tone of voice jerry seinfeld uses to say 'hello newman'

definitely going to download the soundtracks to both the charlie's angel films when i get home

what part of new zealand is this, where am i, i feel concerned

oh we are in auckland now

i have never seen auckland from this angle, lookin' good babe

cool i didn't die


  1. gonna def smash charlie's angels hits at my party at my parents house tomorrow. i always think "cool I didn't die" too though always still in the brace position.

  2. damn, wish i could go to dat hot bday party

  3. this filled me with much joy. MUCH JOY!!!

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