Tuesday, December 6, 2011

more gross stuff than usual happened to me today

- got garbage juice on my leg whilst taking out the rubbish
- there was a cockroach crawling on my arm while i was at bird rescue, felt like things were crawling over my skin for ages afterwards
- held a duck whilst my boss picked a thick layer of crusty dead skin off the duck's head and when she peeled it off you could see a bit of the duck's skull, real real brutal (but it heals better that way) (also only objectively gross, i get used to seeing stuff like this)
- at the cattery there was a weta that one of the cats had bitten the back off of and when i went to put it in the bin it was bloody alive, felt like a comedy of errors trying to pick it up and put it outside
- pickles the cat was sitting on my windowsill looking at something for ages and then i saw him jump out the window and gobble up a mouse! was more proud than grossed out
- came home and hannah had something in the oven which smelled nice so i put it in my mouth but it was not good at all and made me want to vomit (sometimes she makes weird austrian food)
- generally saw more gross bugs and spiders than i usually see idk


  1. scary day. i feel equal amount excited/scared to meet a weta.

  2. this is kinda awesome. and gobble is an excellent word